Having kicked off yesterday Down Under, today\'s lead movie stars another Aussie legend: Jason Polakow\'s a Maui local these days, and his latest podcast for Oxbow / JP / NeilPryde is a very different cut by Maui Nerd Productions on some stunning footage from across the Pacific. Across the disciplines too, with tow-in, stand-up and moto-x memories also encapsulated for Extraction...

Lingering in Australia, yesterday was a brutal day on the RS:X racecourse at the Melbourne World Cup Carnival judging by the pictures at sailmelbourne.com.au, but Britain\'s Bryony Shaw is comfortably in control of the women\'s fleet after two bullets and a third from three more races according to yachting.org.au. Meanwhile it\'s tight at the front of the men\'s fleet as just a point separates Canada\'s Zachary Plasvic, New Zealand\'s JP Tobin and the Netherlands\' Dorian Van Rijsselberge.

But back to Maui where the pace of life looks to have returned to \'normal\' after the AWT event died down. Steve Thorp doesn\'t have such fond memories of his 10-minutes at the contest but does have some fine shots of his Hawaiian pilgrimage at stevethorp.co.uk, Graham Ezzy gets emotional at surf-matic.com, Brawzinho has posted ten hot Ho\'okipa shots at marciliobrowne.com, while Nayra Alonso\'s digging the sax at nayraalonso.blogspot.com and Tatiana Howard\'s turned turtle on tatianahoward.com

French board brand AHD have posted a brief 2012 update on a couple of their new-season designs: check out Diony Guadagnino\'s signature range of waveboards and a regrouped FreeWave range as ridden by Florent Catry, Julien Leclerc, Bruno Andre on ahd-boards.com

Movie moguls umi Pictures have kinda changed the goalposts in their Bonaire Editing Comp – but it\'s all good as budding filmmakers now get an extra month to produce their entry. The top 10 prizes are pretty amazing: a trip to Bonaire, Starboard board, Gaastra sail, Mystic wetsuit, harness and boardshorts, plus Maui Ultra Taty, Style and X-Style, and Choco Starfish fins. Get in there at umipictures.com

And finally, if we\'re talking hot filmmakers you\'d have to think of Andre Paskowski too - he\'s finally scoring some R&R after finishing his latest movie project. We showed you footage last week, and now sponsors Fanatic and North have more pix of Andre back in action in Brazil – see fanatic.com and north-windsurf.com. Plus check out Continent Seven\'s quick chat with the Minds Wide Open maestro at continentseven.com, including this footage of the PWA Sylt premiere screening...

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Photo Credit: JP / Thorsten Indra