We kick off today in Maui, where a natural lull in proceedings has allowed a few updates after the recent decent conditions. Graham Ezzy made the most of it at surf-matic.com and climbed Haleakala with Brendan of umipictures.com – which is well worth a look for some ripping Rough Cuts of Graham, Bernd Roediger, Marcilio and Bouj. Boujmaa Guilloul is now looking towards (or should that be dreading?) an ice-cold Norwegian trip with Mystic on guilloul.com, while Nayra Alonso and John Skye have blurry memories of one last dinner with him in Café Mambo at nayraalonso.blogspot.com

Greece has been top of the international headlines lately for some pretty dismal financial reasons ... so let\'s take a look at the brighter side with Recycle The Game V2.0 – Stam Promponas full-power freestyling Lagoona Beach Park, Naxos. It\'s a pretty novel approach to an action movie, but it\'s well worth sticking with it!

Potentially about to hit the windsurfing front pages though, Windsurf Journal have published rumour from their spies on the World Tour that course racing – which of course means Formula these days – could be set to return to the PWA circuit, opening up lighter wind destinations for 2012. Read the translation at windsurfjournal.com ... we\'ll be keeping a close eye on pwaworldtour.com for more in the next few weeks.

Talking of Formula, registration is now open for the 2011 FW North Americans due in Miami 16-18 December with hot Brazilians Wilhelm Schurmann, Paulo Dos Reis and Matthias Pinheiro already confirmed for the ISAF world ranker. More at miamiproam.com

All-black sail marque Point-7 are going bespoke with a new P7 Handcrafted Series. The first lines getting the flawless Italian hand-crafted treatment are the Black Ice Winter Sail and the AC-1 2K12. More at point-7.com – and if you want to see how their sails are sculpted, check out this time-lapse clip of the whole process.

F2 have announced the arrival of Italian slalom specialist Matteo Iachino onto their international team at f2-surf.com – while out in Egypt F2\'s latest British signings Danielle Lucas and Phil Richards have now taken delivery of their new Rodeos at getwindsurfing.com

Which brings us neatly on to UK freestyle – where it looks like there could be a bit of a city-based revival this winter. Will Rogers has leaked news that Indoor Tow-In Windsurfing event is being organised for this year\'s London International Boat Show – a gang of UKWA \'stylers have been in training for it down at Hove Lagoon according to windsurfingwilly.wordpress.com. No confirmation yet on the official show site of londonboatshow.com, bar corroboration that: "The centrepiece of the Tullett Prebon London Boat Show, the massive watersports action pool is 70m long, 24m wide, and contains over a million litres of water!"

And finally, who knew that West Country wavesailor George Shillito scrubbed up so well – bow-tie and all?!? Check out the pictures from a swanky Cornwall Tourism Award ceremony to collect Polkerris Beach a Silver in the Best Tourism Activity, Sport & Experience Of The Year category. More at georgek630.windsurfing.pro and boards.co.uk

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Photo Credit: Amorphia Photography