We\'re always happy to kick off our headlines with a Brit in action, so today we\'re pleased to present Globalshots\' latest flick featuring emerging freestyle talent Ric Cleworth, Playing in the Shadows in Vass. More at riccleworth.blogspot.com and globalshots.co.uk

Keeping it British, and as we await Alfie\'s imminent podcast from BWA Cornwall it\'s big thanks to Reuben Ellis and flowindsurfing.com for some of the first footage we\'ve seen from the 2011 Pura Vida Cornwall Wave Classic: bring on the wavesailing women!

Hot on the heels of yesterday\'s story, renaissance brand F2 have announced yet another signing to their international freestyle team – this time 17 year-old Dutch trickster Rick Jendrusch, who\'ll have his own 80L signature Rodeo board. More at f2-surf.com, rick-h120.nl – and here\'s a celebratory clip...

Talking of signings, British wavesailor Sam Neal has transferred from JP / Pryde to Goya boards and sails with Zero Gravity Distribution – he\'s already been witnessed ripping Tiree apart on the Quad 84 and Eclipse at boards.co.uk

Staying with sails, Monty Spindler\'s Tarifa outfit Loft Sails have now released full details of their 2012 range – check out the PureLip, Oxygen, Switchblade and more at loftsails.com

And finally, it\'s mid-November so as is traditional these days you\'ve doubtless already been wished a Merry Christmas by the staff at your local supermarket. So we can\'t hold it against Boylo\'s and the inimitable Muzza for releasing part three of their seminal Boylo\'s Gift Ideas series. More at boylos.co.uk ... and we\'ll leave you with sage words from Muzza: "WOOO YERR MERRY CHRISTMAS"!!!

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Photo Credit: Globalshots