A bit of a feel good Friday theme going on and we kick off first with this edit from the motley UMI crew, recited by Graham Ezzy of his visit to Japan. A surprisingly cold visit by the looks of it but some outstanding action nonetheless. More at ezzy.com

Sticking with UMI and actually we must admit they have their heads pretty screwed on, producing a whole host of outstanding videos. So many infact that they are after a bit of help, so for those that haven\'t heard, they are running a bit of a Bonaireian beast of an editing competition. They provide the clips, soundtrack and riders - you do the cutting and sticking. Old news we know, except for the fact that the competiton deadline has been moved to the 1st January and some modifications to the voting system have been made. Check the finer details at umipictures.com

With the usual migration south to warmer climes for the many European sailors, it looks like the editors Julian Robinet and Johannes Foerster have pulled it off again, with this short taken from their original video Bru\'s over Gnus. Introducing \'..feels like summer\' - a short video showing the best of Cape Town. 10 out of 10 for this one and in the interest of Movember we invite you to pause at 2.51 minutes.

Staying down under and it looks like UK Wave Champ Ben Proffitt is getting close to nature (@benproffitt). Whilst Robby Swift is seen in this clip, put together by Heidy Clawson and the man himself. Chile fully firing. www.robbyswift.com for more.