Let\'s kick off the new week with news from Colin \'Whippy\' Dixon and Marco Wedele. The two Dahab instructors have recently created a WindSurfCoaching facebook page for people who want a few pointers in anything related to windsurfing, more on facebook.com. The dynamic duo are also creating a windsurfing instructional DVD for intermediate and advanced sailors. Keep an eye on their blog for the latest updates - gowindsurfpro.blogspot.com

On the blogs then and let\'s quick fire around for the latest and greatest. John Skye (www.johnskye.com) has celebrated a traditonal early Christmas and is now back in Gran Canaria with the better half Nayra Alonso (nayraalonso.blogspot.com), who has also posted about some great sessions at home in the last couple of days. Alaistar Nichol (irl-250.blogspot.com) reports on round 6 of the Irish Speed Sailing Championships. On Twitter now and Bubble (@bubblek540) has just arrived in Cape Town for two months training. Meanwhile Steve Thorp (www.stevethorp.co.uk) seems to be doing a bit of breath hold training. Maybe he has spotted a big swell we don\'t know about.

Talking of breath holds and it seems like Billabong have been prototyping a life-saving wetsuit after one of their pro-surfers, who almost drowned as a result of a two wave hold down at Maverick\'s, California. The concept involves a compressed CO2 canister and the initial tests seem to be giving a massive thumbs up. This could be useful for big wave windsurfers like Jason Polakow, who experienced his own three wave hold down at Jaws not so long ago. More info on the mpora blog and a video below.

On videos now and here is a short clip of French stylers Pierre Garambois and Benjamin Panel enjoying their November Sessions on the River Rhone, France.

Finally, let\'s wrap up today with a thought for Minds Wide Open producer Andre Paskowski who had to return from Brazil for yet more tests, only to be told that the doctors found a newly developed Metasthase in his right lung. The radical operation he will have on Friday is his hope for a "clean new start". His new developments in cancer have opened his mind to others that also need help. So by purchasing one of the incredible canvasas (see pictures left) from the shooting of Minds Wide Open (excellent Christmas present), Andre will be donating 30EUR from each sale to the "House of Hope" project. This will all go to help 5 year old Mohammed Lawser who has acute Lymphoplastik Leukaemia and needs urgent financial Support. More about Mohammed at www.houseofhope.de and the full story from Andre over on boards.co.uk.

Photo Credit: Michael Sumereder