In the interest of UK windsurfing we thought we would hurry a quick one out today. Get your afternoon sick notes in boys and girls as Ant Baker has posted a short clip this morning, of a roaring West Kirby on facebook. This maybe a bit late to get to for some, so back down south and Jamie Drummond is tweeting about a nuking Hayling Island and the West Country appears to also be receiving the same battering.

Heading just a little bit further south and Andy \'Bubble\' Chambers has arrived in pumping Cape Town with UK Amateur Wave Champion, Aleksy Gayda. More on Bubble\'s website and Aleksy\'s blog Talking of the Gayda family and here is something a bit different. Aleksy\'s dad, David, seems to be a bit of an artist, a wave artist to be more precise. Check out the impressive paintings and how to get in contact on his blog

Our first video of the day comes from Ben Newson, who has been scoring it for the past few months in Western Australia.

Next up \'Pirates Of The Wind - South Africa by ONeill Belgium\' featuring PWA Freestyle World Champion - Steven Van Broeckhoven. for more.

Still down south and Bryony Shaw is holding on to a comfortable second overall after the second days racing at the ISAF RSX World Championships in Perth, Australia. The mens fleets are yet to start. Full results here -

HotSails Maui have announced their new FireLight Reef Edition sail. Stating - \'The Reef Editon is the same as the regular FireLight but with an Ox Webbing luff sleeve (like on our other sails) above the boom. This version is aimed at those who sail on sharp reefs who want a little more protection against reef rash.\' - more on

Back in the UK and the SWA are celebrating a \'sicktacular\' Wet Dream III in Bristol two weekends ago, with support from Boardwise and RRD for the racing series and demo gear and Fanatic/North for some extra demo toys. Head on over to the to read the full event report.

That about wraps up today, so see you on the water!

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