The Crossbow is the latest kite form Cabrinha. It\'s just arrived in the UK and with the demo tour nearly complete Chris Martin, Brand Manager says he has never seen anything like it before. People have been arriving in very large groups to catch a glimpse at what looks set to be a high preformance and super safe kite. Here\'s what the experts have to say: -

The introduction of the Crossbow marks a significant change in the way we think about safety vs performance. From this day forward, safety and performance are no longer mutually exclusive. Safety is now a standard component of the way the kite operates, as opposed to an add-on feature. You can now control the power of the kite from zero to full power by sheeting the control bar in or out. Its really as simple as that.

Not only this but also The performance gains of the Crossbow are so substantial that it sits in a class all its own.

Through the use of Pro Span Extreme

Photo Credit: cabrinha