Happy New Year folks. Yes we are perhaps a little early on this call but despite being complete computer/windsurfing nerds, we Boardseekians will also be celebrating the New Year with style. Do not fear though as we will return in 2012 for our best year yet, as we plan to take on a fresh new look over the summer and we will report from all over the globe to bring the latest and greatest windsurfing news; from the Olympics to the PWA, the UKWA to the BWA, the EFPT to the AWT and so much more.

Having mentioned the AWT, check out these incredible photos from that very tour - windsurfmag.com

From amazing photos to a super nice cut. Here is PWA Freestyler, Adrian Beholz in Egypt, around the time of the Egyptian revolution.

The next PWA Freestyler to hit the news is the young Youp Schmit. Currently in training with the UK\'s Andy \'Bubble\' Chambers out in Cape Town, the young lad has released his new website, where you can find out about all his travel plans, keep up to date with his news and watch his incredible level of freestyle. Discover more at youpschmit.com

Checking in with our UK blogs before the year is up and Will Rogers has been at it again. In-fact there seems to be so much wind that he is having to re-build his fence between sessions... windsurfingwilly.wordpress.com. Meanwhile windsurfbritian.blogspot.com is after some newborn advice. Max Rowe is sessioning it at Hayling Island this morning, dressed in all his shiny new Ion gear, more on facebook.com. Over to Tenerife and Adam Lewis has been getting down and dirty, revealing all his secrets about going double on black...more on boards.co.uk. Whilst you are there be sure to check out Colin and Marco\'s new coaching facebook page, or click facebook.com to be taken directly there.

Now here is one hell of an inspiring story. Sarah Herbet has just under-gone 4 days of 8 hours sailing off the coast of New Caledonia. Except that\'s not the inspiring bit, she undertook this epic sail as a \'warm-up\', as she plans to cross the Atlantic on a windsurfer, sometime in the following year. Check the video of the \'warm-up\' below and windsurf-transatlantic.com for more.

A quick bit of transfer news and the tallest guy on the PWA World Tour signs to Goya boards. Check the full details here - martintenhoeve.blogspot.com

Now as a final wrap up, and yes we know we mentioned it yesterday, but we feel it is everyone\'s duty to get their vote in for UK Windsurfer of the year before it closes in just two days. There are five hot contestants for this year; Adam Sims (Freestyle), Kieran Martin (Racing), Zara Davies (Speed), Ben Proffitt (Waves) and Ant Baker (Slalom). They have each achieved some of the highest rankings in the country for their discipline and work as strong ambassadors for the sport. So head on over to ukwindsurfing.com to make your one click vote count.

So it\'s a Happy New Year from all of us and may the strong winds continue.

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