Wondering what that headline picture is all about... Francisco Goya recently sessioned at Jaws, Maui, and had a bit of an epic wipe-out. Check the picture in more detail over to the left and his take on what happened below.

From Jaws to Hookipa and AWT rider Bernd Roediger scored it during December with this nice round-up clip.

It\'s been an actioned packed weekend across the globe and now we head over to Tarifa to check out PWA Freestyler Dieter Van der Eyken, who is in training hard for the following season - more on star-board.com. More news from Starboard and their report on the Cancun Formula Experience Worlds reveals that Nicolas Schreier took the title.

With UK riders; and Andy \'Bubble\' Chambers tweets about a firing Cape Town, Aleksy Gayda who is also staying with Bubble, has been enjoyiong the mix of freestyle and wave sessions by the sounds of it - aleksyk412.blogspot.com and Phil Horrocks has changed from JP to Tabou boards, more on ripandslash.com.

Sticking with the Brits and UK Windsurfer of the Year, Zara Davies, hit the BBC news headlines in the west country recently.

Let\'s wrap up today\'s news then with this nice freestyle clip from Estonian, Tony Mõttus. It looks like he scored Egypt.

Just before we completely sign out for the day, we just stumbled across this little number. Having started with this, it\'s quite apt that we should finish with it. Check out the big guns charging Jaws just a couple days ago.

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