It seems the windsurfing world is firing out the news at the moment, so here are all the bits that missed in this mornings update, as well as our afternoon video dose.

First though, is a interview with one of driving forces of Ezzy sails, Tim Ortlieb. Michigan Windsurfing put him through his paces with questions about the industry and how he originally met up with Mr Ezzy. Check for the full story.

Whilst we are on Ezzy, here\'s a great photo set just released of Karin Dornbusch in Chile - Even more from the crew UK rider and International coach, Jem Hall has been putting his students through their paces out in Brazil, with his combo of wind, waves and waxing.

Looks like AHD have been getting a little innovative with hydrofoils. Take a peak at their shot of one of the team foiling in winds that most wouldn\'t even go for a light wind freestyle session in -

The final word for windsurfing news this week goes to UMI, who are just in the process of uploading the videos of the 35+ entrants to their editing competition. So keep a close eye on their website for plenty of action -

We are starting to enjoy posting the odd action sports video here but first we have one of the most heart wrenching bits of news from that very scene. One of the world\'s most talented freeskiers and female icons for the sport has passed away after a tragic accident in training, on Tuesday 10th, left her in a coma. Our heart goes out to the family and friends that Sarah Burke left behind. It is a huge blow for the entire action sports world and only stresses the risks and dangers that these world class athletes put themselves through on a day to day basis. Follow this link to learn a little more about Sarah and her family - and this link to donate to the substantial medical bills that came about during the past tragic days -

Our action-sports video for today comes from the world of surfing. An interesting edit and perhaps not the most action filled one, but it just goes to show you don\'t need a huge team to make something which contains such a wide range of graphics. Eerie...

Finally, check and get to your local beach, because it\'s WINDY!

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