This afternoon\'s video goes to Andraz Zan and his \'gringo\' crew in Brazil. Another nice edit from Andraz who filmed a huge amount whilst in Jericoacoara, Camocim and Lago Azul. Capturing all the latest freestyle moves that himself, Max Rowe, Ali Nichol, Yarden Meir and Davy Scheffers were practicing this winter. We have heard down the grape vine that Max Rowe is working on another project alongside Josh Willmot for Fanatic Internaitonal. Keep a close eye here.

Perhaps and answer from the Bonaire Boys with this video edit - Keda Ruste.

It looks like RedBull continues to lead the charge in the action sports world as they bring to our screens a whole new series of videos covering surfing to snowboarding and everything in between, but will this include windsurfing? Here is their very short trailer...

More clips can be found here Have a good Monday and \'what are you going to be doing this week...\'

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