Tuesday starts with a little bit of European monster swell action. PWA Wave sailor, Dany Bruch, scored a massive day on the Canary Island of Tenerife recently. The waves were so big that a jet-ski was required just to tow him out to the line up. Check out the video of this monstrous session.

Some might just argue that sailing waves bigger than houses is probably about as hardcore as it gets in our sport. So what would be the most explosive and technical side to it? The answer can be found with the PWA Freestyle Champion, Steven Van Broeckhoven and his perfect double culo that he recently posted on facebook.com. Wondering what a Culo is. Well watch the video and you will find out, you can also stick it in to Google translate to get the true meaning (try spanish as the first language).

So what happens when we combine the hardcore with the explosive power and technical skill. Leon Jamaer gives us the answer with these incredible air-takas shot in Cape Town...

Also coming out of South Africa is some great news for windsurfing. Kitesurfers were firmly left behind in the down-wind dash from Langebaan to Saladan Harbour recently, as Alberto Menegatti stormed to victory, ahead of 237 competitors. Great news! You can check the full report on star-board.com.

Even more from Cape Town and UK Amateur Wave Champion, Aleksy Gayda is in full swing down-under, take a look at his blog for a recent update and the picture is outstanding - aleksyk412.blogspot.com

In speed news, Jim Crossley recently sailed an impressive 46.4 knots, smashing his personal best and putting him in 6th place on the 2012 overall world speed rankings. Find out more on north-windsurf.com and the full data/kit setup on gps-speedsurfing.com. Also in the UK it looks like Clyde from windsurfbritain.blogspot.com has been having some fun in the sun.

Back on Maui and Goya have just officially announced on their site that Marcilio Browne is now on-board. That\'s a relief, after this outstanding feature we ran on his move to Goya over a week ago. See the full story on goyawindsurfing.com.

Last video for this morning, and it was extremely saddening news that we had to report on the passing of legendary shaper Harold Iggy recently. So it was nice to see this clip appear on the internet, as a tribute to a man who not only inspired others but helped create incredible lines in board shapes, to cut incredible lines in waves. RIP.

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