Here are a couple of videos to keep you entertained this afternoon.

First up is the Moussilmani Brothers second episode in their Explore and Play series. In this brilliantly cut edit we follow the twins as they race around Sprecks, Kanaha and Camp One, shape the latest boards and party with some Hawaiian beauties. Check out Extreme Racing below...

Next up is Gustav Häggström\'s latest edit. You may well remember his video This Is Action from a little while back, a compilation of the sickest wave action known to man. Well, this time he has given the freestyle crew their credit with a selection of the hottest freestyle from the last year. Ladies and gentlemen, This Is Action...

Jakub Kosmowski\'s project Crossing The Limits is going from strength to strength. Tonight at 8:00pm (UTC+1) the production crew will be hosting a Q+A session and streaming it LIVE, giving you the opportunity to get involved. Topics up for discussion include the equipment being used, the aims of the project and anything else you might want to ask! For more info head over to the project\'s Facebook page.

We wrap up today with news that the EFPT have (potentially) another tour stop for 2012. Following on from the news that Sigri will be on this year\'s calendar, West Wittering on the UK\'s South Coast has been pencilled in for November. As one of the flattest spots in the UK it could deliver some amazing action if the wind delivers! Check out more on Boards and the EFPT site.

That\'s all for today - remember, if you have any exciting windsurfing news, drop us an email.

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