We start today with news that Danish slalom sailor Kurosh Kiani has signed to Fanatic International. Kurosh is currently Danish Slalom Champion and is keen to push hs PWA results for 2012, "I will be doing the PWA slalom world tour, selected Danish and Nordic events and I definitely want to improve my overall performance and thus ranking. It sounds like brand manager Craig Gertenbach is happy to have Kurosh on the team, saying Good luck to Kurosh for 2012, he will also be involved in our R&D process and will be a valuable team player for Fanatic! You can keep up to date with Kurosh over at his website.

Moving onto a bit of video action and it\'s Kurosh\'s new teammate Victor Fernandez starting us off with some amazing onboard footage of a double forward in Chile. A great angle for any of you potential double loopers wanting some tips - and if not, just sit back and enjoy the former World Champion doing what he does best!

A bit of blog-spotting now and UK Freestyle Champion Adam Sims is off to Cape Town soon. For some insights into what he is expecting, head over to his website. Another Brit, John Skye, reported recently he was heading out to South Africa for testing and training so keep an eye on johnskye.com for impending updates!

We have a couple of contrasting videos for you now. First up, blowing hot is a video from Tim Kahlhofen shot in Egypt\'s Blue Lagoon. Showcasing the skills of Oli Stauffacher, Loick Spicher and more, check out some tasty, toasty freestyle action below.

Top points for dedication go to French ripper Vincent Mellouet in this next clip. 6/5mm sees Vincent catching some mid-winter Atlantic swell on the West coast of France. Here\'s the blowing cold part...brrrr!

Over in Maui, former World Freestyle Champ turned big wave charger Brawzinho has just returned from South Africa and scored Jaws straight away. Over on Francisco Goya\'s Facebook page there is a quick shot of Marcilio laying down a bottom turn and \'Cisco praising his luck for scoring Jaws just before and just after South Africa. Lucky so-and-so! As soon as the footage is out we\'ll have it here on Boardseeker.

There is plenty more action and news in store for today\'s PM update so remember to check back later.

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