The PM update starts off today with \'Wind and Snow\'. In a similar vein to the snow SUPing in the AM update, Laurent Mathecowistsch, Justin Denel and Jerome Masse are making the most of the snowy conditions across Europe to get in a bit of winter training. With the aid of a kicker, a deckplate and a little bit of wind, the boys manage to turn their snowboards into...something else entirely. Check out the action below...

A bit of soul surfing now from south of the equator. Check out Sylvain Demercastel and Marion Rais exploring Peru and scoring some beautiful waves.

We wrap up today\'s news with a video from the Da Hui Backdoor Shoot-Out. Hopefully everyone will appreciate this display of surf culture at it\'s finest as much as we did! Some top pipe riding in a contest won by Reef McIntosh.

Thanks to for that great video - and that\'s us done for the day. More top news and video tomorrow. Don\'t forget the best way to get news update alerts is on our Facebook page - click \'like\' for lots of juicy bonus treats.

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