Welcome back to our PM update.

We start this afternoon with some completely crazy action! Spotted by Italian Freestyler Mattia Pedrani, this clip shows a daredevil trickster spocking in the water just above Niagara Falls...brave? Stupid? Fake? You decide...

Next up is a video courtesy of the team at Epic Sessions. The 2012 Lord of the Wind event recently wrapped up Stateside so check out this great little review of all the action from Baja.

We mentioned in our AM update that World Freestyle Champion Steven van Broeckhoven had recently invented the No-Handed Culo whilst training in South Africa, and now we are happy to share it with you.

Wrapping up today with something a bit different. Filmed with ultimately top-end cameras such as the Phantom and RED EPIC, this demo reel from SnapRoll Media was shot using remote-controlled helicopters with onboard cameras. Absolutely amazing footage - maybe we\'ll see techniques like these being used in windsurf media soon...

More news tomorrow.

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