Good morning everyone and welcome to a new week...

We kickstart your Monday morning with some action from Maui. The recent strong Kona winds combined with a big (25 foot plus!) swell to give those who dared the opportunity to attack some huge sets. Spotted ripping were Jason Polakow, Kevin Pritchard, Robby Swift and Ross Williams. Check out the amazing action photos, thanks to Jamin Jones\' blog.

Next up is an amazing compilation video showing some of the best (or worst) windsurf crashes ever caught on film. From your weekend warriors, to collisions with kiters and right up to Boujmaa\'s Triple Loop crash - this video has it all...

Some more motivational images now as Max Brinnich brings us some great shots from Tarifa. Down in Spain for some winter training - Max has uploaded some really cool action and lifestyle shots. Thanks to for the spot. Check out all the action here.

German ripper Mathias Genkel has uploaded a nice video about the new Sailloft Quad sail. Read all about it and scope some cool wave and freestyle action over at Mathias\' blog.

Before we leave, just a quick reminder that the UMI Pictures Bonaire Video Editing Competition wraps up soon, so if you haven\'t already checked out all of the videos and \'Liked\' your favourites, head over to the website now!

That\'s all for now, check back later for the PM update.

Photo Credit: Jamin Jones