Welcome back.

Starting our PM update is a bit of freestyle from Costa Rica. Andy Lachauer and friends styling it up on Lake Arenal.

Kiting? A topic we don\'t normally discuss here (for obvious reasons) - but today we can see kitesurfing finally having a purpose. Uploaded by \'TheMello\', this video shows a windsurfer crashing at Hagkaat in South Africa, a spot renowned for it\'s big swells. At the time, the unlikely rescuer must have seemed heavenly for our intrepid windsurfer, but can you imagine the beach banter afterwards?!

We finish up with some action from the late, great Jamie Pierre. This clip shows him setting the world record for hucking a cliff on skis - a whopping 255 feet! Insane.

That\'s all for today, see you tomorrow for the AM update.

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