Welcome back to the PM update.

Starting off our evening video feast is some cool action from Reunion Island. Shot using an onboard camera we get some good angles of the gang enjoying some beautiful waves. Check out how shallow the reef is at 2:10!!

Next up is Morgan Noireaux\'s summary of the last couple of months at Ho\'okipa. With a funky soundtrack, awesome aerials and off-the-lip tricks, this is a great video.

Our final video of the day comes from Irish wavesailor Dan Kealy. Dan is currently touring the world in search of the best wind and waves possible, has already checked off Maui and Australia and is now in New Zealand. This video is a cool little round-up of the last 6 months in NZ - check out Dan\'s windsurfing, snowboarding and surfing, it\'s alright for some hey?

http://mpora.com/videos/9I38HYavW That\'s all for today, we\'ll be back for the AM update tomorrow with more news and video...

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