After a mega windy Monday in the UK, it looks like Moo Custom and Simmer rider Dan Gardner has been enjoying Ireland during the past months. Check out his \'Moovie\' below...

Another Moo Custom user, but more for his speed-sailing, Steve Thorp has been charging the UK\'s golden coastline down in the south-west. Check his blog update here (, with a few cracking photos of some glassy surf and some nice rides.

Meanwhile, after the heart-wrenching news we posted yesterday about the passionate french wave and freestyler Vincent Mellouet passing away whilst wave-sailing at home shores in Brittany, he is remembered once more on EFPT\'s website, with their obituary and this moving video. Check out the full report on the

Now for something a little different and UK wave-sailor and Starboard/Tushingham team rider Chris \'Muzza\' Murray is on his way to becoming a pilot....... The high-life of a pro-windsurfer! The video below shows it all.

Finally, in need of a little wave-action for your screens, well check out this collection of Hookipa shots from Graham Ezzy. Including testing new 3 and 4 batten sails. We like Ezzy\'s style, in a time when it\'s almost impossible to keep anything new from the media\'s eye, they take the approach of just posting everything new. Check out what\'s avaliable by heading over to the SeaSpriteSports recently refurbished website:

That\'s all for this morning but check back here for the afternoon update, in the meantime get your quiver tuned and your gear packed as Big-Wednesday is arriving here in the UK, tomorrow...

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