The wind came through today offshore and of unbelievable strength. Riders were out on their smallest kites 4ms through to 7ms. By half way through the first round it was clear by the numerous hooked in back loops and back loop to toesides that conditions were just too strong to ride and bust tricks! Hang time was the name of the game!!!!!!

Aaron Hadlow did not get to ride and neither did the women.

Numbers are below average for the men with the exact number of entrants for the main event (32) and 14 woman so no qualifiers were necessary and as such it was possible to get straight underway with the main event.

Qualifying in the first round are:-

Christian Holley (Best), Alvaro Onieva (Best), Randy Hereman (F One), Mike Blomvall (JN), Ellie Zarka (Wipika), Kevin Langeree (Naish) Keene Rodolphe (F One) and then the wind picked up and no further heats were completed.

Enjoy the pictures and I will keep you updated.

Photo Credit: Boardseeker