Day 4

After a long day of up and down wind - starting and stopping heats - the double elimination finally got underway when 25knots turned up last night at 7pm.

Particularly riding well was Randy Hereman (F One) who took down Rui Meira (Naish), but was unfortunate to then have to take on Aaron. Aaron was on form and seemed unphased by the gusty conditions. Both him and Randy rode super well and were possibly the 2 best riders of the day, but only one can go through and Aaron was certainly a level above.

Aaron then went up against Etienne Lhote (F One) to then take on the winner of the single elimination - Kevin Langeree (Naish). Conditions were now getting tough. It was getting dark, the tide had gone far out so it was super shallow and the wind had picked up and was very gusty because it was blowing cross offshore. Aaron was on his 7m and Kevin on his 6m. Aaron was certainly not going to let the title go to someone else and had the heat in the bag.

For the girls Angela Peral (North) was on fire. She won heat after heat until she finally came up against Jalou Langeree (Naish). Jalou was riding a nice heat. She didn\'t unhook, but she was doing her moves smooth and powered and so the judges decided to put her through. Kristin Boese (Best) on the other hand put together a mixture of powered moves and unhooked moves to blind with surface handle pass.

Final Result - Men

1st Aaron Hadlow (Flexifoil)

2nd Kevin Langeree (Naish)

3rd Etienne Lhote (F One)

4th Randy Hereman (F One)

5th Alvaro Onieva (Best)


1st Kristin Boese (Best)

2nd Jalou Langeree (Naish)

3rd Angela Peral (North)

4th Ania Grezlinska (North)

5th Brunha Kayja (Best)

Photo Credit: Ian Edmondson