The winds were pretty light after the previous hectic days. Riders were on 9m\'s up to 18m\'s!!

The sun shone and the UK riders had a good day of it with both Jo Wilson (Naish, Protest) and Aaron Hadlow finishing on top!

The best trick was weighted 70% on height and 30% on techincal difficulty, so it was a weigh up between going for something radical or something easy but floaty.

Jo Wilson chose to do both landnng her down loop s bend and then some big 360 rotations while Aaron on the other end of the scale did something radical and high!! - to be honest I couldn\'t tell you what because I was busy preparing for my heat.

There were a variety of moves going on from the guys though including quadruple rotations, kite loops, handle passes - the usual!!! Aaron just did it bigger and better then the rest.

The next event will be held on 12th June in Portimao, Portugal

Photo Credit: Emma York