A sick clip from the one and only Jason Polakow starts us off today. The first big swell of the year to hit Jaws is always an exciting one and JP was there to share it. Yet another clip cementing Polakow\'s role as one of the best big wave chargers on the planet. Expect epic action and a frank look at the challenges faced in going out at Peahi.

As summer arrives on Maui and the monster winter swells start to die off, Chris Freeman from Hot Sails Maui is out there making the most of the available ramps. Check out a few nice jumps in this short clip.

A fresh bit of freestyle next from German champion Fabian Weber. Shot on the Canon 5D and the super slow-motion Phantom camera, Fabian launches some big freestyle moves and sick spin loops. We\'ve already seen the quality of footage the Phantom can produce in other action-sports, hopefully we\'ll see it being used more often in windsurfing. Make sure you click \'1080HD\' on this clip and see for yourself...

Swing back round later for the PM update with the full news summary.

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