Checking in on the Sail for Gold Regatta this afternoon and it looks like Nick Dempsey is placed back on the podium, in second place after a successful few days. Keen to impress before the Olympics kick off he will be looking to get the top spot at this event. Check out the full results here.

Our first video for this afternoon comes all the way from Poland. Looks like Robert Baldyga had a great session during a typical Summer storm where he scored nice waves, wind and sun.

Meanwhile back on UK shores and check out this facebook gallery of Andy King. One of the UK\'s finest jumpers, this guy can be seen pulling some of the most advanced tricks in the book. Follow the link to the gallery here.

Another video and here is some cool action from Pozo locals Alessio Stillrich, Pablo Ramírez and Moritz Mauch. It looks like the level coming out of Pozo continues to soar higher and higher!

Finally something more on the light hearted side. Tandem windsurfing is old news in windsurfing but has anyone out there ever heard of someone trying a tandem jump, trick or similar. If so we would love to hear about it - If not then here is a little inspiration -

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