Welcome back to yet more epic news. As we sit well and truly in the European windsurfing season the videos are a plenty and the action is high quality as the pros begin to practice at the competition grounds.

This leads us nicely into our first clip. With the likes of Koster, Fernandez, Skye, Brawzinho, Campello, Swift and more all in the mix, this is one of those ones that leaves you a bit open mouthed. Check out incredible moves in crazy winds and be sure to watch to the end as Brawzinho rotates like crazy on a push forward.

Moving on to a bit of freestyle and light wind master Caeser Finies shows that he has also got it in the strong winds. We are not too sure where this spot is but it looks like freestylers/speed heaven. Introducing just \'Another Day in Paradise\'...

Sticking with Freestyle and fresh in is Gollito taking victory at the Margarita Wild Winds Freestyle competition. Nothing too new there really for the 4x World Champion who is also lining up for his 5th title this year, however, it looks like Ricardo Campello still has it when it comes to freestyle, coming in a very respectable 2nd place. Find out more here and check the podium shot on the left.

Around the UK sailors and more updates coming in from the crazy windy weekend. First is the windsurfbritain blog which reports on a firing Avon beach, long rides, strong winds and sun - perfect! Over to Jem Hall who reports on the latest RRD happenings including more shots from the International meeting, H2O demo and a little re-jig in Brazil dates. Read all about it. Finally, team mate John Skye has had some serious fun in Moulay, full report here. In short - too much wind everywhere but no complaints!

Our last video for you this morning features "The Lovers "/ Stephane Etienne & Nicole Boronat. When they are not traveling the World, they spend their time enjoying the Canary Islands. A nice lifestyle webisode and an enjoyable watch.

Today\'s final wrap is the start of our coverage from the next stop on the PWA World Tour. It also opens the first Spanish stages of the PWA events, as this country and its Canarian Islands come alive with wind and the World\'s best Slalom, Wave and Freestyle windsurfers. So we kick off the coming months excitment with the PWA Catalunya Costa Brava Slalom World Cup, check out the event preview here and keep an eye on the Live Ticker as the first possible start is at 14.00 GMT+1. Let the excitment begin...

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