Just a couple snippets for you this afternoon.

After our Pozo update this morning it looks like we\'ve got more over on our sister site boards.co.uk. News from Gran Canria is that it is going off and everyone is there preparing for the competition. Check out this exclusive clip to Boards of Koester performing outstanding double forwards, arched backies and super stylish goiters.

On a more enviornmental front it looks like we can now all do our bit even easier. +H2O are seeking an award for their work which will grant them with a further $250,000 for projects to change the impacts that all our rubbish is having on the oceans. All it takes is 250 votes and the grant will be awarded. So here is what you have to do - Please visit missionsmallbusiness.com (login with Facebook or Twitter ID) and enter \'Positive H2O\' or \'+H2O\' (Select state of Hawaii and Makawao) and share via social media to help spread the word. More at the +H2O Facebook Pages. Thanks to Windsurfer International for the heads up.

Our final video for today is from Red Bull who have released this highlight clip of the Erzberg Rodeo event, where the best motocross riders battle it out in one of the toughest motor powered endurance races in the World. The stats say that only 0.3% actually complete the course.