Goodmorning windsurfers, we\'ve got some more great news for you, so sit back, relax and enjoy the action.

First we have the day one report from the current PWA Slalom event in Costa Brava. Check it out here. It looks like plenty of racing took place with all of the usual suspects taking the top spots. Antoine Albeau seemed to be on fire with outstnading board speed throughout the whole course. Check back soon for more.

On the video front and we kick off with one that demands a bit of debate. After posting the Switch Kono into Forward in our recent JP/Pryde move features it seems Ricardo is publicly announcing that it is a new move of his called the Papacu. He claims he landed this move six years ago and since then Gollito has also stuck it, some three years ago. Either way it is an epic move which takes a huge amount of setup, tell us your thoughts on it and the interesting move name...

A rare treat for you now. Leon Jamaer featuring in this super high quality edit from what looks like a sunny Pozo, except it\'s not. The location is actual much further north on the Baltic Sea in Germany where they scored some super nice conditions lately. Check out the Fanatic/Hot Sails/Oxbow/Techno limits rider in action.

Up next and it\'s back to Pozo, stealing all the headlines lately, this spot is attracting the pros like bees to honey. Over to Ben Proffitt then who promises to give us regular\'ish\' updates on his training at this World class jumping spot. Including a few pointers on the more radical moves. We are all ears, see you on the water...

Time for a quote of the week. After a super succesful slalom event in Castlegregory, Ireland, Paul Reid publicly stated - "I was going down the wrong road. I was actually considering joining Dublin Surf Club, and at one really low point, I was checking websites to see if kitesurfing lessons had come down in price. Now, after that day\'s racing things are looking up". That\'s just what we like to hear. Find out more about the event by clicking here.

A final blog update come from Hot Sails who are on the road over in America on their two week demo trip. Whilst there they will also be taking in the sights at the next two AWT Tour stops where there will be plenty of action to be had. Find out more about the exciting AWT by clicking here.

We\'ll catch you later this afternoon for more top news.

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