Morning all, due to technical issues our news posts were looking a little on the wild side yesterday so we thought we would hold off until we can bring back our fine service to you. However, it seems to be that we are continuing to have issues and instead of holding you back from your daily dose of windsurf action, we thought it better to bring it to you pronto, even if it is a slightly more simple form. We\\\'ll return with our usual service as soon as we are happy that all updates are working.

So to pick up on what we had for you yesterday, here is what went down over the weekend.

The PWA Costa Brava Slalom event came to an end and Bjorn Dunkerbeck took the top spot. However, the likes of Antoine Albeau and Julien Quentel made it all a very tough battle. Check out more on So that\\\'s Starboard/Severne at the top with RRD/Neilpryde taking second and third, a very close battle of the brands.

Meanwhile the AWT has had some epic conditions during it\\\'s event in Pistol River. We had a UK representative there also, none other than Chris \\\'Muzza\\\' Murray. Check out his reports on and all the daily reports and videos over on

Looking around our UK riders and Ben Proffitt continues to update us from Pozo about what\\\'s happening in training, check out his latest video by clicking here. Plenty of action as ever, but it comes with a WARNING - sun burnt man in speedos... With our freestylers and it appears that UK Pro Max Rowe is actually competing at a high level in three sports: windsurfing, wakeboarding and football. Or so fellow UK Pro Adam Sims has noticed, check out the remarkable similarities by clicking here. Back on to the wave sailors and Adam Lewis tweeted about some new sail shapes coming from Point-7... check it here.

Here\\\'s a cool clip just in from Peru. Longest wave - Shortest video. Whilst on the epic wave riding front, Chris Zakel pointed out this one recently, Topocalma could be the ulitmate destination for an Autumn trip...

The young freestyle Rick Jendrussch has sent in this clip of him ripping at his home spot of Brouwersdam, which will also be holding a stop of the PWA Tour next year. The conditions look pretty incredible for freestyle and slalom and we can\\\'t wait for it.

A quick look in to surfing and here is an epic video, we are struggling to find the words to put to it but here is a try. HOT chicks, ULTIMATE wave pool, HOT chicks, Ultimate wave pool, ONE damn good surfer... more? Click here

Finally we wrap up with news from Ezzy who have shipped their first batch of Wave Panther Elite’s to the Netherlands. Check out a whole host of pictures and this write up – click here.

A last word, please be patient as we continue to work to bring back our usual service.

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