A second video comes from one of the most defining Starboard tack sailors to date. Inventing numerous new moves, continually pushing the level and having some of the worst windsurfing crashes we\\\'ve ever seen, Boujmaa Gouilloul shows us that he means business - https://vimeo.com/44324303#

Finally, it is with the utmost regret that we have to bring you the deeply sad news that the co-founder of windsurfing itself has passed on. The full circumstances are unknown but what is known is that his shapes, designs and commitment to the sport have not just influenced us as windsurfers but also the entire World of action sports. Jim Drake was truly a dedicated man and our thoughts are with his close friends and family in this sad time. If you manage to hit the water over the next few days, spare a thought for them all and for the influence that Jim had on what you will be riding. Find out more on the Starboard website - www.star-board.com/2012

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