This afternoons headline news coming right up.

First has to be the Red Bull Soul Wave event in Klitmoller. Growing in popularity the competition attracted some big names this year. The likes of Klass Voget and Leon Jamaer were on the scene and stormed the podium with 1st for Leon and 2nd to Klaas after completing the SUP part of the event this weekend. Here is the full report on the Fanatic site.

Meanwhile a little video update for you comes from the RS-X Class who have increased their efforts to make sure windsurfing stays firmly within the Olympics. Check it out below:

Just to wrap up then we have a further report from Klass and his buddy Henning that their local spots have been going off, read the excitment here -

Finally, should all the links and video above be working for you then we are happy to say that Boardseeker is back to its usual self. We\'ll see you in the morning for more...

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