It\'s been an epic weekend in the windsurfing world and we are a little lost as to where to kick off.

Obviously PWA Pozo starts today (13.30 first possible start) and if you\'ve had your head in a pile of sand then you may not have heard that the forecast is absolutely all time. Huge swells peaking on Wednseday and Thursday with almighty winds. Read the exciting event preview by heading over to and expect big big moves.

Now moving on to some pretty big news, Adam Lewis, one of the UK\'s most progressive riders and a huge rising star has just signed to Patrik Diethelm boards in time for the PWA Canaries events. He joins the current UK Freestyle Champion, Adam Sims in what looks to be a bit of a next generation UK dream team according to Patrik Diethelm and Karin Jaggi.

“We are stoked to welcome what we believe is one of the most talented and promising young wave riders in our PATRIK team. Adam Lewis stands out on the water with radical action but also represents our values perfectly. He is extremely professional, dedicated to perfection and performance and at the same time very easy to talk to. In combination with Adam Sims promoting and selling our boards in the UK as well as competing himself on the PWA freestyle world cup we truly have a dream team joining our family that has without a doubt a bright future ahead for them and us". Karin & Patrik. A bit of side news and we\'ve also heared of an upcoming UK website and facebook page... keep your eyes peeled.

Back to Pozo and our first video of the day. Ben Proffitt\'s Pozo Training Diaries have gone from strength to strength and this one just about tops them all. Massive crashes, a lot to laugh at and even a bit of blood, it\'s got it all. We won\'t say too much more, other than, turn the sound up and enjoy...

Our last news for this morning from Pozo is this cracking photo of Ricardo Campello literally defying gravity whilst training yesterday (see left). To view all the latest action live then be sure to head over to our sister site and check out the Live Stream platform that has been set up - click here.

In other news. Maui\'s Summer is rarely talked about, so it\'s nice to see a clip appear from time to time. Here is a cool one from Kai Lenny -

JP have released the official video to their new 2013 Freestyle board. With Andy \'Bubble\' Chambers on the mic and action from the rest of the team, including the current PWA World Champion, Steven Van Broeckhoven, the video is a visual treat of explosive, powerful and \'new skool\' moves.

Featuring more of the Freestyle World Champion this next video comes from the newly formed Team France. Check out the new concept and let us know on the forum about what you think of it and if it wil/shouldl take off in other countries.

Now over to Lake Garda where Mattia Pedrani has created what looks like a genuine new move. Not a powerful new skool one, but one that is more attainable during light winds. Here\'s what he has to say about the move - "Necessity is the mother of invention. So what do you do when you’re bored cause the wind is too light to go for big tricks…well, you improvise. That’s what this is. Mix a Bob and a Clew First willy skipper and that’s what you get. The BRAND NEW BOBBY SKIPPER. I had this idea by myself, I started trying it from scratch, crashed the first 8 times and then got it on film. So I claim it as mine. For sure some smartass is gonna pop up sayin his cousin did it planing 10 years ago, but I don’t really care…whatever, keep talkin, just like Germany is doin with Balotelli =)."

That\'s it, that\'s all for this morning but head back later for more high quality action.

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