As we head in to day two of PWA Pozo let\'s wrap up day one with all the latest reports and videos.

Firstly, have put together this nice international review of the day. Whilst also grabbing head judge Duncan Coombes for a short interview and round up.

Our sister site is piling out the reports, live coverage and photos. The latest of which, has a nice round up of our UK boys. All ripping hard, some had better luck than others and will be sailing further into the single elimination today. You\'ll be able to track their progress on the site - here.

Starboard have their own round up and are stoked to see Dany Bruch absolutely on fire, whilst Koester \'warms\' into the competition.

The best of all the round ups though, has to go to the PWA themselves with this cracker from the press officer. Promising more exceptional conditions to day be sure to pick up on the live stream as it kicks off at 9.30am. Whilst you are there don\'t miss JC\'s exceptional gallery of the action - here.

Talking of gallery\'s - World of Windsurf have posted this whopper! 176 photos from day one, have a browse and \'Like\' your favourite ones.

In other news, you can find a full report on the Neilpryde Baltic Cup where there was a massive Formula and Youth RS:X entry. There was plenty of racing in the fickle winds with one or two upsets, check the full report here.

On to the great windsurfing in the Olympics debate. It looks like all of Asia wants windsurfing re-instated. When the final meeting happens in November, Asia are calling for a re-vote to confirm that many wrong decisions were made in the previous vote and that one of the most popular sailing disciplines should have not been cast out so lightly. Read more about it over at

News from Tushingham now and they have released a video rigging guide on their new 2013 Rock, check it out below as Sam Ross talks about all the new unique features. Also under that is a nice action video from Chris \'Muzza\' Murray shredding on the new sails.

Literally just in this second is this video round up of day one at PWA Pozo from the PWA themselves, great action, editing and commentating.