It was girls day today at PWA Pozo. With the wind and waves backing off slightly it suited many of the girls down to the ground. There truly was some incredible action which would put even some of the men to shame. The stand out sailors had to be the Moreno twins and Karin Jaggi who were all on fire, particularly the twins, who seemed to be in a league of their own, pushing out huge stalled forwards, tweaked pushloops and solid backloops. If you missed the action have a quick scan back through the Live Ticker on the PWA website for more. Or check out all the comments, and posts on our sister site for a more UK rider focus.

It wasn\'t entirely girls day today, there was also a chance for the youngsters to get a bit of the limelight and it was Allessio Stillrich who stepped the game up with perfect pushloops, backloops and stalled forwards. We look forward to seeing more from him in the rest of the competition. managed to grab head judge Duncan Coombes again today for his round up. Worth a watch as he states that there really is some hot talent to look out for in the future - 11 year olds on 2.5\'s in 40 knots... err we think so to.

Finally for this afternoon is this video from the Red Bull Soulwave event. I nice round up and review of the event that returned to Cold Hawaii, Klitmoeller this year.