Welcome back and today\'s PWA has been an absolute treat. The level is so high at the moment that moves like double forwards and pushloop forwards are almost being talked about as standard. Whatever could be next, the triple? Often talked about it could well be the move of the day tomorrow. Philip Koester and Victor Fernandez will meet again in this years single elimination final. The two are absolutely on form and we\'ve got our clocks set for the 9.30am start.

Ok so that isn\'t the big news of the day. The news that steals the highlights is that of Iballa Moreno winning the womes single elimination. It\'s not an event win but if she can hold her place then she will have stopped her sisters 13 year reign over the PWA Pozo event title. Yes, Daida has won the PWA event in Pozo since 1999! This builds the excitment for the double should it get completed before the end of the competition. In third place Karin Jaggi stole the show with an impressive display of moves including a nice stalled forward, pushloops and more.

Check out more girls action in the day 2 highlights video from the Morenotwins on vimeo, below. Just to clarify today was day 3, but the videos are certainly worth the wait.

Finally, Severne have officially released their new wave and freestyle sails. Check them out on www.severne.com. We have to be honest, they look outstanding!

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