Good morning all, we have a action packed video update for you this morning. First we will round up the final day of PWA Pozo and then just rattle through the videos.

So the PWA came to a close over the weekend, the winds were still strong and there were a few decent ramps on Saturday so the judges called for a super session. In the mens it was Victor Fernandez in third, Ricardo Campello in second and Philip Koester in first. There were air chachoos, insane double forwards and even plums being pulled off. In the Womens it was Daida Moreno who took the top spot, then Iballa Moreno in second and Karin Jaggi in third. We don\'t have any video from the super session yet, but here is a full report on and also

We do have an epic round up video of the last day of competition however, day 5. Check it out below, it\'s one of our top event videos of all time, and how is that for a stalled one handed one footed forward from Victor at the end, intentional or not, it\'s awesome!

Whipping round the UK riders and there are a few social media and blog updates - Phil Horrocks rounds up Pozo here, Max Rowe tells us more about the new Fanatic gear and what he has been up to on his blog, Bubble tweets from a windy Vass, Mattia Fabrizi has won the shaka bump and jump competition in Lake Garda, we are sure there will be more pics and reports from that soon, and Martin Ten Hoeve also updates about Pozo.

With Pozo over the countdown to PWA Tenerife has begun, and don\'t worry too much as it\'s just a few days away. There will be the live ticker in place, the livestream and plenty of reports from, and more... Following that will be the turn of the freestylers and slalom sailors at PWA Fuerteventura. July is a cracking month in the windsurfers calendar!

Talking of freestyle, Deivis Paternina has released this clip courtesy Diony Guadagnino. Looks like the kid is ready to rock and roll for the upcoming Fuerte event.

Now if you thought that was some dizzying freestyle, how about this for a new combination from Davy Scheffers! Unreal spock into culo into culo!

Wipeout of the week comes from, and it\'s only Monday!

Starboard have released the official poster for the 8th Pro Kids event in Bonaire. Sponsored by themselves and a host of other local and regional sponsors it looks like it should be a big event. The date for any youngsters keen to take part is 2-5th August. Check out the poster on the left. We are hoping to see Nic Hibdige there from the UK and perhaps a couple others...

Finally, Neilpryde have already announced that all the Olympic RS:X gear will be availible to purchase for up to 40% off! Find out more here.

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