Just a quick one this afternoon, more short and sweet is what we like to call it.

First comes a PWA Pozo round up from John Skye on the RRD website, including some really nice photos on the new gear. Check it out here.

For our afternoon windsurfing video we have yet more action from RRD and also Neilpryde. A new wave location has been unveiled. The Kingfisher wave spot, located in the North of Luzon Island in the Philippines is claimed to be one of the best wave sailing spots in the world. Kingfisherbeach.com are offering the ultimate getaway to this paradise. Check out their website and the video below for more.

Now here is a video that we are proud to bring you, with just a few hundred views it is fresh as a daisy. What do you think, will this one flood the internet in the next 48 hours? We think so, check out Ken Block absolutely tearing up San Francisco in his ridiculous car with his ridiculous driving skills, keep an eye out for a guest appearance from stunt dare devil Travis Pastrana. This is just filthy!

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