With the PWA boys and girls preparing for action the World Tour kicks off another blistering week of action. We will bring you all the highs and lows from the event including our very own exclusive video updates from Alfie. Talking of which, here is the first - An intro from Thomas Traversa about the run up to the event including plenty of action from all. It looks like the conditions are tricky but check out 0.52mins, we think it\'s Proffitt performing a flawless wave 360, one of the best we\'ve seen!

Now it\'s not all about PWA Tenrife, following that will be PWA Fuerteventura where the freestylers and slalom sailors will have their chance to shine. One of the UK\'s home grown talents, Ollie Acton managed to make his way out there for an early summer trip. Although he won\'t be competing he certainly shows a good level in this clip.

Ok so the PWA Pozo round-ups just keep coming. The pick of the bunch for today comes from JP who highlight how well Robby Swift was sailing. Stepping up his level he really showed he has what it takes to be a contender for that top spot and we are looking forward to see him in action in Tenerife. On the photographer front and yet more images are hitting our screens, World of Windsurf on facebook have these final ones from the event (we think...), check them out here - facebook.com/worldofwindsurf.

Talking of World of Windsurf, check out our amusing headline picture that they posted on their page from the Shaka Bump and Jump contest. Feel free to send your captions in to news at boardseeker dot com.

Pozo claimed it\'s fair share of injuries this year and the two worst cases came from the girls. Justyna Sniady had a horrific forward crash and was whisked away to hospital before the competition even began. She\'s had five weeks at home now and some fresh news from the doctor. Read all about it here. The other incident came from Olya Raskina who had to be rescued by a jet ski during the middle of her heat. She also crashed a forward loop hard and has done quite a bit of damage to her knee. Read about her report here. Although we think it is great that the girls are stepping it up, we really do wish them a speedy recovery and hope to see them back and ready for the 2013 tour.

We wrap up this morning with a nice pictorial preview from BJ Pictures in Tenerife and cool news that young lad Jonas Handekyn is preparing fro his PWA debut.

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