Welcome back and we have a couple videos for you this afternoon.

First we have an update on the PWA injured girls front. A further injury came from Eva Oda Ophius who managed to cause some problems to her back and also require medical attention. The full circumstances are as yet unknown but we wish her all the best in a speedy recovery along with the other three girls.

Right let\'s move away from injury and focus on something new. The Neilpryde Wizard is getting it\'s fair share of promo at the moment and we\'ve uncovered this nice little clip on zakel.ws of Andy \'Bubble\' Chambers introducing the new sail and its great new features as well as a small amount on the JP Freestyle.

Another UK freestyler, Max Rowe, features in the following clip, alongside 4 x World Champion Gollito Estredo as well as Yoli De Brendt and Laure Treboux. Introducing the 2013 release of the Fanatic/North freestyle range, shot by Andre Paskowski, edited by Carl Nyberg.

If you like that then head on over to their new website for more... www.fanatic.com

Finally, here is an interesting review of some of the final heats of PWA Tenerife from Sparky, one of the judges on the wave tour.

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