Good morning all, today we kick off with this nice edit from Seb Godsmark. Testing the GoPro and a few editing tricks is what it is all about, take a look and see what you think. We like it and can\'t wait for more.

On to our next video and this has some high octane action from one of the best wave sailors in the World - Marcilio Browne. A round up clip from the Canaries events, the guy was on fire but just seemed to have a run of bad luck to stop him making the podium positions. Check it out.

Something quite amusing from Dave White over at RRD UK HQ now. It looks like he\'s got himself in a spot of trouble with the police or perhaps it is the other way around, either way there are some decent shots for a \'how to\' on getting to the beach quick. Check them out here and have a quick look over to the left.

Fancy trying a bit of endless down the line windsurfing, well this could be the future if someone simply attaches a couple wind machines to follow these man-made waves around. Find out what we are talking about by clicking here.

Whilst we are on surfing, here is a cool clip all produced from the GoPro featuring surfing icon Gavin Beschen.

Finally, things have got off to a cloudy and light wind start today in Fuerteventura but don\'t let that fool you as the forecast looks to be full power and it will surely provide as it kicks in later today. We\'ll bring updates to you as they come.

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