Good morning all, we were hoping to have a whole host of PWA Fuerteventura news for you today, but despite 3 months of solid winds, the day the competition starts is the same day the switch is turned off. Two days have passed now and the local effect known as Calima is in full swing. According to one of our UK riders who is on the scene, Adam Sims, there is no knowing how long it can go on for, however, many of the locals suggest the usual weather pattern will be back today.

For our first video, Sims has met up with BlackLab\'s Josh Willmot to produce this nice warm up clip. Some decent action with a few words from the freestyle side of the event.

It\'s PWA Slalom for the first 5 days so chances are high for some action today with the slightly lower wind requirement. Whilst you are waiting for it, check out the PWA\'s round up clip from day 1. Hopefully, we will have day 2 for you later, in the meantime here are the reports; Day 1, Day 2 and C7 Day 2