The PWA here in Fuerteventura has got off to a flying start today, well at least for the first 11 heats, so far... The wind increased quickly and the first three rounds, right up to the semi-finals, were very nearly complete. One of the biggest upsets was Josh Angulo crashing out in the first round. He was setup well to qualify for the following heat but on the second reach he had a massive wipeout and found himself desperately chasing forth place all the way to the finish.

Keep an eye on our Mpora Live Stream of the event, by clicking here and get involved in the chat that is going on.

Back in the UK and Whitey had a great weekend on Kent\'s North Shore at Minster, where the UKWA have been seen. Even though the winds were light, the great atmosphere left a lasting impression. Check out his update on facebook, including a gallery of the weekend.

We\'ve got a couple videos for you this afternoon. The first is Omar Sanchez training in Pozo.

The second is just outstanding. MTB on a barge. Simply, just watch it...