With the end of competition here in Fuerteventura for today, there has been no real upsets. Actual it\'s been a fairly \'same old, same old\' affair with the usual suspects advancing. Probably the closest heats of the day came first in heat 3 with Sims against De Windt, then even closer was heat 7 where Matissek faced Van Ochten and Mottus against Frans and lastly the final heat of Chambers against Rowe.

Whilst we await the highlights from the first day of freestyle competition we have that promised video for you from Josh Willmot at Blacklab. Check it out.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for the final of the mens single, the womens first round and the start of the double. The action will be HOT!

News from the Canaries wave events now. Kenneth Danielsen has got round to updating his website with a nice round up of events. Certainly worth a read and a browse at the pictures, check it out here!

Finally, we wrap up with our classic, something different video...

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