With PWA Fuerteventura coming to a close today and the Olympics kicking off, there is more news than you can shake a stick at. We\'ll rattle through it and let you enjoy the links, videos and features that we can dig up.

Firstly the freestyle in Fuerteventura. The winds have been light the last two days but many heats were completed. The level is such that you can watch the first round of the double elimination and see many top moves that you would normally witness much nearer the final as everyone battles to push up the ladder. There were many close heats so don\'t miss a thing by reading these reports from the weekend: Day 7, Day 8 and Day 9, as well as updates on our sister site boards.co.uk and also on continentseven.com, where you can find video replays of the finals.

For our opening video we have the round-ups from the PWA Live stream. Only Day 7 so far but we are expecting more later for Day 9.