With all the singles, doubles, heats, etc... complete, PWA Fuerteventura comes to a close this evening as the riders celebrate their results. In the mens it was Gollito Estredo who took the overall 1st place, without the need of the super final, he laid down the most impressive display of aerial and powerful freestyle to stop Steven Van Broeckhoven on his charge back through the double. We are talking one handed air chachos, pushloops, double air flakas, skopu 900\'s and more, talking of the double air flaka, it looks like gollito has come up with a name for it, calling it the Pasko. A tribute, we believe, to all the work that his good friend Andre Paskowski has put into promoting the 4x World Champion! This not to say that Steven did not put up a good fight, with equally as impressive moves, including what is probably the most insane shuv-it air spock ever witnessed, the whole crowd on the beach gasped as he rotated in the move, then there was a moments silence as everyone thought he had crashed it but suddenly he came out of it with as much power as he went into it, appearing from the mass of spray perfectly upright. The highlights will really be worth a watch as they reach our screens.

In the womens, the final was equally as impressive as Sarah-Quita showed why she is the queen of freestyle, landing skopus, burners and more... This put Laure Treboux in 2nd place, however it was the losers final that really caught the attention of the crowds. It was the usual Arianne Aukes - Yoli De Brendt battle, this time with a slightly different outcome as Arianne landed a super clean air flaka and rapid funnel, she really stepped up to the mark and deserved her first ever place on a PWA podium. Check out more on the official PWA report from the day and head back soon for video updates. In the meantime we have highlights from day 9 for you.