With a rest day in the Olympics we can look at what\'s to come, probably the most pressing event will be EFPT Sigri which kicks off between the 10-12th August, just 4 days to go. In the meantime is, of course, the Olympics but also as we mentioned earlier the JP/NP Young Guns camp in Prasonisi. We are sure like every year there will be plenty of video to come, so keep an eye here as we will post it as soon as we get it. In the meantime, our reporter on the scene, Adam Sims is already in Sigri, and with the EFPT team, they have come up with this little light hearted edit of the centre as well as action from a few riders who are already there. More on efpt.net.

Back in the UK and Phil Horrocks has updated about his times at the PWA Tenerife event. He finished in a very respectable 17th and all seems to have had a good event. When he got back he celebrated with a couple bonus session at his homespot in Rhosneiger. No doubt he is keen for the BWA Wave comps to come around as his sailing seems to be really solid at the moment. Check out the update here.

Nothing like a bit of snowboarding lifestyle in the middle of a European Summer. Enjoy this one from DC Shoes.

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