It\'s the final showdown today for our Olympic boys and girls who will be competing for those all important medal places. The times and links you need are; 13.00 for the mens start and 14.00 for the womens start. Over on there will be plenty of minute by minute updates happening as the sailors hit the water, until then here is an interview with the flying Dutchman\'s coach - Aaron McIntosh as well as the UK\'s very own Nick Dempsey.

The first video for today comes from Daida Moreno, who gives us a view of Pozo from her eyes.

In wave news the AWT Quattro Desert Showdown has come to an end, with Levi Siver taking the top spot. The 5 day event was plagued with light winds but perfect logo high sets hit on the final day and long rides with 12+ turns were often seen. The heat times were extremely long with the final seeing it top out at 30 minutes. It looks like they really scored it on the last day, just check out the AWT official report here as well as nice one from Chris Freeman here.

More news coming from the PWA Fuerteventura event, have put together this nice interview with the Steven van Broeckhoven who had one of his greatest come backs during the double elimination.

In speedsailing news, records were broken when Jurjen van der Noord took the GPS Peak speed of 50.51 knots. Starboard have just released a really interesting interview with the man himself over on Read more about the day and how unpredictable circumstances meant a change of locations and perhaps as a result another top speed.

Out in Prasonisi, the JP/NP Young Guns camp has seen the completion of day two, here is the shortened press release below, including a few images (left).

Day two

Literally the heat was on today in Prasonisi. The hot wind was blasting more from the north and from the land giving the channel awesome conditions between the windward wave side and the leeward freestyle side. Word champ van Broekhoven and Bubble Chambers were more in the air then on the water, motivating all the kids. Niclas from Germany was fired up and tried his first burner. He was very close but he smoked his Board in full rotation.

The youngest were working just as enthusiastically: ten year old Jan from Austria celebrated five waterstarts and eight year old Metaxia from Greece sailed away from her first.

The video team was busy shooting all the incredible moves. You can check the action on

Our last video for this morning comes from the PWA Freestyle Black team. Want to find out more? Watch on...

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