We\'ve got a action packed video update for you today so sit back and enjoy.

First is Fuerte. In fact two very similar videos have come in at the same time, both showing the recent PWA event on the island. We\'ll let you be the judge of the edits as we find both as outstanding as each other. The following one is from Blacklab\'s Josh Willmot who produced a number of cool clips from the event already, check them out by following the links under this video.

Fuerte - Finale from Josh Willmot on Vimeo.

The second one comes from Andre Paskowski and is a quick edit from some extra footage he has for the his latest project called RAW featuring the life of Gollito Estredo. He tells us that this new movie will ROCK, and when Andre says that we certainly believe him! Make sure you follow it all on facebook.

Next up Max Matissek with yet another awesome cut! The editing level of windsurfing clips is really rocketing at the moment and we hope you are loving it as much as we are. I WINDSURF with Max Matissek by Lake Alliance, need we say more!

Now for some JP/NP Young Guns Camp action. We\'ve got the press release from day three below and videos from day one, two and three. Wind is clearly rocking out in Prasonisi at the moment.

Day three

The magical wind switch of Prasonisi was turned on at exactly 10:00 a.m. just in time for the morning freestyle session. The training was on with 4.5 square meter sails for Frank Lewisch’s volcan team, Steve’s vulcan and duckjibe specialists and Tobi’s heli tack and jibe masters. Again Manuel’s cracks toped them all: First Matthijs from Belgium was so focused, he almost knocked out curious bathers on the beach doing a one handed eslider. Manuel saw the second disaster coming, as Niclas was following his Belgium mate in an eslider rotation millimeters next to the shocked bathers (who by the way were at the wrong place at the wrong time). After the well-earned lunch break the wind decided to take a break too– not so the Young Guns: They cooled their heated spirits in the warm water with a fun stand-up-paddle race.

That\'s all for this morning, enjoy.

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