Good morning all, we\'ve got a few snippets and videos for you this morning. We\'ll kick off with Team France. They recently released their Pozo video and have now put together a nice clip from the PWA Tenerife event. Check out the action below.

Sticking on waves, Kevin Pritchard reports from another fun trip to Baja. The waves were fairly flat unfortunately but he still plans to return with ideas of a photography workshop... interested? Then stay tuned.

It\'s quite rare that Baja doesn\'t get waves, so if you want somewhere easy to learn, enjoyable and truly an experience you\'ll never forget then Jem Hall heads there every year. One of the most highly recognised international coaching guru\'s, he is currently loving his time in Punta San Carlos right now and has a few last minute places available in Prasonisi, Rhodes and Jeri, Brazil - find out more at

Talking of Jem Hall, he\'s certainly going to be a face at the National Windsurfing Festival, the question is, will you be there? If you are still unsure then head over to to find out all about the excitment and how to make sure you get registered.

Day 4 of the JP/NP Young Guns camp in Prasonisi has been and gone, check out the report below.

Day four

After three days of perfect freestyle conditions, the Meltemi finally decided to take a small break. The Young Guns spent the morning playing around with SUPs, trying to catch the small southerly swell that gently rolled into the beach. Although the forecast was bad for the rest of the day, the wind suddenly kicked in at noon. While the majority enjoyed lunch, some riders could not let the wind pass by without a short freestyle session. They came late for lunch, hungry but with big, big smiles on their faces. The afternoon session started with a spinloop-simulation, where the participants lined up with their sails at the edge or the water and did their first rotations together with their coaches. Others used the moderate winds to improve their helitack skills and moves like upwind-360’s. After dinner, the whole crew spent the evening in Lardos racing go-carts – what a great way to end the day, even if the wind was not howling as usual…

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No day 4 video yet...

We\'ll be back this afternoon, until then we hope it\'s windy where you are.

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