Welcome to our little afternoon update. We\'ve got news from EFPT Sigri that the competitors are currently registering after a nice practice day. There\'s plenty of pictures on the EFPT Facebook page and more on the Sigri Surf page also. So far about 20 riders have rocked up and a few more are expected tomorrow. Davy Scheffers and Youp Schmit were the standout sailors in the lighter conditions today. Double and triple moves were seen almost every run with Youp pumping into perfect culos. The battle for the podium will be fierce but the level amongst all the sailors is such that any one of them could make it.

There is word that the EFPT will be running some form of live ticker from the event, so keep a close eye and we will update you tomorrow with more. The first planned start is for 9.30am local time.

We\'ve got a cool video from Camilie Juban for you. Looks like the guy is shredding and enjoying it...

Finally, we have this amazing edit coming from Fanatic International, surfing and SUPing at Cloud 9! Gnarly wave riding at its best!

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